Perhaps you are already comfortable with the marketing concept of Branding. The need to aquaint your entire target market with your logo, image and or name is a standard goal for many marketing campaigns.

Internet Branding takes this same plan and adds focus. It is not enough to familiarize potentional users with your image or logo, now they must remember your domain name -- and how to spell it!


Favicons -- The Hottest thing in Internet Branding -- are the newest method of imprinting your website's image into your vistors' computers.

"Favicon" is short for "Favorites Icon." It is a 16x16 pixel icon which appears on the favorites list next to the name of a website in a "Favorites" menu. Sites which do not have favicons will often have generic icons applied instead. For instance, in Internet Explorer, those websites on a favorites list which do not have a Favicon will be placed next to a blue Internet Explorer "e."

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Your website can be a number of things -- a vehicle for marketing, a store, even a meeting place. The possibilities seem limitless, but one central obstacle remains: getting people to your site.

Internet Branding assures your potential visitors already know your domain name by heart -- even before they've typed it in.

Talk with your marketing consultant about integrating your domain name into future marketing.


If you are promoting your site on your own, consider adding some more traditional marketing to your plans, in addition to search engine optimization. Brochures, print ads, commercials, even fliers in coffee shops will help announce the arrival of your site to the internet. Just remember to emphasize that ".com" address!

Optimize6 was created by a group of SEO experts, software developers and web designers in Chicago. Over the years, it became clear that amongst all their clients there were some common goals. First and foremost among them: bringing more people to their websites.
What is SEO?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of assuring a website's high rank within internet search engines. The most important method of SEO is submission of your website information to the most used search engines on the web.