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Favicons -- The Hottest thing in Internet Branding -- are the newest method of imprinting your website's image into your vistors' computers. So far, favicons are still primarily only used by very large sites, such as Yahoo. Optimize6 can offer your site the same high quality, high impact Favicons for just $25.00. We even offer 24-hour turnaround time in most cases!

Favicon Facts
"Favicon" is short for "Favorites Icon." It is a 16x16 pixel icon which appears on the favorites list next to the name of a website in a "Favorites" menu. Sites which do not have favicons will often have generic icons applied instead. For instance, in Internet Explorer, those websites on a favorites list which do not have a Favicon will be placed next to a blue Internet Explorer "e."

In many browsers, Favicons will also appear in the address bar, next to the domain name of a website. Again, those sites without Favicons will have generic icons next to their name -- such as the Internet Explorer "e."

To view how Favicons appear, try visiting Yahoo!, and add the website to favorites. The Yahoo! "Y" should appear next to the listing in Favorites, and may appear in the address bar as well.

Favicons allow website owners to reinforce their brand with online visitors in a new and exciting way. At just $25.00, can you afford to leave this marketing tool to your competitors?

Optimize6 makes getting your Favicon a quick and easy process. All you have to do is pick the image that best represents your website.

To choose your image start by thinking small. A Favicon is only 16 by 16 pixels. The image you choose should be simple and easy to interpret. Using text or trying to fit intricate designs will probably not create the desired impact. Think in terms of your logo, or initials.

Then, send the image to Optimize6! When you click "Buy Now" you will have the option to upload your image, send us a link to it, or email it to us. Our experts will convert your image into a Favicon quickly, and send the finished product on to you -- in most cases, within 24 hours!

When you receive your Favicon, just upload it to your site! Optimize6 representatives will send you directions about how and where to upload your Favicon, and provide you with a line of code that you may want to add to your site. But simply uploading the Favicon is enough to make it available to most of your visitors! It's that simple. Pick, send, purchase, upload -- and just that quickly, your site will have the hottest, latest Internet Branding tool.

To protect your data, Favicons must be purchased seperately from Search Engine Submission Packages!
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