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Link Popularity is like Word-Of-Mouth advertising for the web. Word-Of-Mouth, a successful method of sharing recommendations and advice is equally important for the promotion of websites. Websites recommend each other by links between sites which lead users from one site to the next.

It is vital that when your target group uses search engines to look for websites like yours, they find your site. But what about users who haven't visited a search engine yet? The more other sites which link to your site, the more opportunities for people to find you. Click Here for More

Optimize6 was created by a group of SEO experts, software developers and web designers in Chicago. Over the years, it became clear that amongst all their clients there were some common goals. First and foremost among them: bringing more people to their websites.
What is SEO?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of assuring a website's high rank within internet search engines. The most important method of SEO is submission of your website information to the most used search engines on the web.